J.P. Montana Architecture

The J.P. Montana has opened the way for us to take our first step into the world of "crypto."

J.P. Montana Smart Node

Key associated with J.P. Montana platform system
The clients can use Smart wallet after undergoing the verification procedure. The Smart node goes into the approval mode according to the option before the approval work is performed. The client has an option to delay the approval, make a reservation and, make cancelation.

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Super Node (Full Node)

Super Node contains Full Blockchain
The Super node plays a role in maintaining a stable state corresponding to possible attacks. The Super Node does not participate in agreement on decision making. The confirmed block is broadcasted once 51% or more of Smart node agrees.

A Super node is originally designed to have one Mega block. But it is possible to create multiple mega blocks based on the agreement of Super node. The group of the Mega blocks becomes "Megablockchain."

BDTP (Blockchain Digest Transmission Protocol)

Blockchain Digest Transmission Protocol
BDTP has a close interaction with connecting the blockchain and Megablock via the Super node.

An operation of adding a block is performed when a block is formed with verification with agreed decision value.

It plays an essential role in transforming/Inverse transformation the latest block to Mega block by DF (Digest Function).

BDTP adopted MDHL (Multilayer Databus Hyper Logic) instead of the serial structure. MDHL can dramatically increase processing speed by adding Thread

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