J.P. Montana Money Specifications

J.P. Montana Money issuance policy funding objectives and efforts to increase future value and It describes the Token (JPM) specifications, features and capabilities, and Token distribution.


Issuance Policy

J.P. Montana is a Token being used as an internal currency of $JPM, and the unit is J.P. Montana. JPM plays an important role in SAEX's currency, allowing the Blockchain System to work and maintain smoothly on the platform.

The Cloud's internal currency is exchanged with JPM within SAEX

The issuance of JPM is based on the Node Incentives and Transaction Fee. It can be increased or decreased by about 10% per quarter after the JPM Super Node has agreed depends on JPM transaction volume according to transaction processing of Blockchain System, JPM requirement quantity according to transaction volume in SAEX, Ranking System Volume, and Freezing Fee.

AIRS (JPM incentives Ranking System) analyzes cumulative evaluation data (trading volume of JPM, required JPM, ranking system volume, freezing fee) to predict the optimal future demand issuance.

Node Incentives – 60%

  • Smart Node Incentives will allocate 30% of the JPM quantity divided by participating Smart Node quantity to each Smart Node, based on 100% quantity of JPM issued when one block is created.
  • In the entire Node, 'Smart Node 30% + Super Node 30% = 60%' is calculated based on 100% of the JPM quantity issued when one block is created. .


Transaction Fee

The Transaction Fee is set to a minimum to maximize the efficiency of the transaction and, follow AIRS (JPM incentive ranking system) if necessary.

The value set on the initial Blockchain Network is set to 0.001 JPM per transaction

Ranking System – 40%

  • If the amount of JPM issued is 100% when one block is created. The 20% is distributed when the key is secured, and the network is activated according to the active contribution such as the connection period, number of transaction, and transaction amount.
  • It is based on Ranking 1000 in the cloud (DApp) connected with JPM Platform and gives 20% differently to clients who use it based on 100% of JPM quantity issued when one block is created.

Design of Ranking Algorithm

The Ranking System is designed to operate as simple as possible. The JPM is awarded every few seconds of the creation of the block with consideration of Ranking Algorithm score and rank descending with time.

Token Specifications

  • Average Block Time :
    6 Second
  • Block Height(Size) :
    Basic 2MByte ~ Max 8MByte
  • Transaction Fee :
    0.001 JPM - TX Fees go to the Super Nodes
  • JPM Transaction Fee (JPM Node Mixing) :
    0.01 JPM - Paid to JPM Nod
  • Super Node Tokens Required :
    100,000 JPM
  • Super Node Rate :
    30% Block Reward